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In this section, you can access an archive of information about Living Beyond Breast Cancer programs and services.

Conference for Women Living with Advanced Breast Cancer Focused on Quality-of-Life Issues

Living Beyond Breast Cancer entered the month of May in a powerful way as we hosted the 4th Annual Conference for Women Living with Advanced Breast Cancer: Enhancing Your Health and Quality of Life.

Teleconference Helps You Cope with Worries of Recurrence

Listen to a podcast and download a PowerPoint presentation of Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s May 19 teleconference focusing on how to handle fears of recurrence after you finish initial treatment for early-stage breast cancer.

Teleconference Reveals Triple-Negative Breast Cancer News

Listen to a podcast of Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s April teleconference focusing on specific risk factors for triple-negative breast cancer and the latest treatment options for this diagnosis.

Authors Speak Out at LBBC National Event

Bruce Feiler, Donna Deegan will speak May 1 at Annual Conference for Women Living with Advanced Breast Cancer, to be held outside Philadelphia. Get medical and quality-of-life information unique to your metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

Teleconference Helps You Manage Treatment-Related Menopausal Symptoms

Listen to a podcast of Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s March teleconference focusing on menopausal side effects from treatment, like hot flashes, night sweats, sexual concerns and mood changes.

New Brochures Help You Take Charge of Your Health

Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Brochures on breast cancer clinical trials, metastatic symptoms and side effects, treatment decisions, triple-negative breast cancer and more will help you take charge of your health in 2010.

LBBC Releases New Brochure on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

New Living Beyond Breast Cancer brochure will help you understand triple-negative breast cancer basics, treatments and what happens after therapy ends.

Follow-Up Testing 101

Get an overview of the National Cancer Institute’s guidelines for follow-up breast cancer testing and understand why follow-up care may vary from doctor to doctor.

Three-Part Teleconference Series Focused on Advanced Breast Cancer Information and Support

Get the latest news on metastatic breast cancer treatment and quality of life issues.

2009 Butterfly Ball a Definite Success!

Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s annual gala in Philadelphia raised more than $550,000 for LBBC’s education and support programs.

Denver, CO  ·  September 13, 2014

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