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Free Teleconference Clarifies Breast Reconstruction Options

Our July teleconference discussed your options for breast reconstructive surgery

June 23, 2010

Written By Courtney Campbell

Download a podcast and PowerPoint presentation of the July teleconference.

Stay informed about your options for rebuilding your breast by listening to a podcast of our July teleconference, Breast Reconstruction: Understanding Your Options.

Karen M. Horton, MD, MSc, FRCSC, a board certified plastic surgeon with Women’s Plastic Surgery, discusses different types of reconstructive surgeries, the latest research in rebuilding the breast and how to determine the option that is best for you. She also talks about microsurgery, nipple reconstruction and immediate versus delayed surgery; the stages of the reconstruction process; and what to expect during your recovery. This program also covers questions to help you explore whether you want to consider reconstructive surgery.

About Our Speaker

In addition to her board certification, Dr. Horton is a reconstructive microsurgeon. She practices in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco.

Dr. Horton educates, empowers and informs women about options for breast reconstruction after cancer. Her goal is to use techniques that do not sacrifice major body muscles, enabling women to have reconstruction with the least number of stages. She specializes in microsurgical breast reconstruction, including DIEP flap, SIEA flap and TUG (inner thigh) flap.

Dr. Horton has published review book chapters on breast reconstruction. She presents clinical papers at national and international scientific meetings and has won research awards.