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LBBC Partner Spotlight: Silpada Designs

Silpada Designs recently stunned LBBC with the sales results of its Bravery Bracelet, with proceeds benefiting LBBC; bracelets remain available for purchase

December 23, 2013

Written By Kevin Gianotto, Associate Director, Marketing and Corporate Relations

LBBC Silpada Bravery Bracelet

The Silpada Foundation raised more than $295,000 for Living Beyond Breast Cancer through sales of an exclusive jewelry piece, the Bravery Bracelet, launched during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The bracelet features pink quartzite beads, a sterling silver “Courage” tag and support ribbon charm, and an adjustable clasp.

“The campaign was an incredible success,” said Dana Mehrer, chairman of the Silpada Foundation. “We’re thrilled to announce that donations totaled more than $295,000!”

If you don’t already have a Bravery Bracelet, it’s not too late. A limited number of the popular bracelets are still available to purchase while supplies last. Best of all, sales of the Bravery Bracelet will continue to support LBBC. For every $39 bracelet sold, $10 benefits LBBC. 

Order your own Bravery Bracelet now. 

LBBC’s Partnership with Silpada

Since summer 2012, LBBC and Silpada have partnered in support of women diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers. 

Founded by two women whose friendship has inspired a culture of women empowering women, Silpada donated more than $70,000 to LBBC through summer 2013. 

Last July, Silpada invited LBBC staff to attend its annual national conference,where we met thousands of amazing women and introduced them to the programs LBBC provides. Then, Silpada closed the conference by sponsoring the first  Yoga on the Steps: Kansas City, allowing LBBC to promote our resources to the communities near the company’s headquarters. 

Another major highlight of the conference: the unveiling of the Bravery Bracelet. The piece was an immediate hit among Silpada representatives, who were eager to share the bracelet and our cause with customers.

“When I heard how much money was raised, I was blown away. I thought immediately of the incredible women who hosted hundreds of Silpada Parties across the country, showing the bracelet and encouraging their girlfriends to support LBBC,” CEO Jean A. Sachs, MSS, MLSP, said. “I am wearing mine now, as I do every day, with admiration and awe. Thank you so much for embracing our mission and for allowing LBBC to move one step closer to our vision: a world where no one impacted by breast cancer feels alone or uninformed.”

Through the support of partners like Silpada, LBBC can offer free resources to anyone in need, whether they are newly diagnosed, in treatment, living with a history of breast cancer or managing metastatic disease. It’s clear that Silpada shares our passion for connecting people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support.

Learn more about our friends at Silpada, including how to host your own Silpada party or start your own Silpada business, by visiting the company’s website at