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Teleconference Helps You Cope with Worries of Recurrence

Our May 19 call addressed common fears after completing initial treatment for breast cancer and gave suggestions on how to cope with your anxieties

May 5, 2010

Written By Courtney Campbell

Download a podcast and PowerPoint presentation of the May teleconference.

Stay informed about how to cope with worries about breast cancer coming back by listening to a podcast and downloading a PowerPoint presentation of our May teleconference, What If? Managing Fears of Breast Cancer Recurrence.

Renowned oncology counselor Sage Bolte, PhD, LCSW, OSW-C, of INOVA Cancer Services, discussed the fears many of you share once you complete initial treatment for breast cancer. She explained effective coping strategies that can help you gain control of your thoughts and manage your anxiety. Also, she discussed useful resources for finding support and professional help, if needed.

About Our Speaker

Dr. Bolte works for Life with Cancer, an Inova Health System nonprofit program in Northern Virginia, where she helped develop a program that addresses the needs of people impacted by metastatic breast cancer. She provides individual and family counseling, facilitates cancer and partner support groups and offers educational seminars on sexuality and intimacy. Dr. Bolte has presented at local, regional and national conferences on the impact of chronic illness on sexuality, intimacy and sexual function and ways that people affected by cancer and healthcare professionals can address common problems.

More Information

We encourage you to preorder our new Guide to Understanding Fear of Recurrence , which will be available soon. We wrote this brochure with a team of women like you and healthcare providers. It discusses situations that could trigger an emotional response, practical tips for managing your feelings and resources for support. Preorder your free copy today!