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Other Breast Cancer Experts

In addition to our Medical Advisory Board members, Living Beyond Breast Cancer is fortunate to have many other breast cancer experts who donate their time and energy to serve as speakers, reviewers, advocates and expert resources.

Lilie L. Lin, MD

Lilie L. Lin, MD, is an assistant professor of radiation oncology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Jennifer Litton, MD

Jennifer Litton, MD, is a board certified medical oncologist and assistant professor of medicine in the department of breast medical oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Minetta C. Liu, MD

Minetta C. Liu, MD, is the director of translational breast cancer research and the biomarker section chief of the clinical molecular diagnostics laboratory at Georgetown University's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Loraine Lovejoy-Evans, MPT, DPT, CLT-Földi

Loraine Lovejoy-Evans, MPT, DPT, CLT-Földi earned her certification in the treatment of lymphedema and other swelling disorders at the Földi Klinik in Hinterzarten, Germany, in 1999. She has a doctorate and a master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Puget Sound. She teaches continuing education courses in lymphedema management strategies and wound care throughout the United States.

Peggy Mace

Peggy Mace is an insurance expert from Fountain Hills, Ariz.

Lynn Magrum, MSN, CANP

Lynn Magrum, MSN, CANP, is an oncology nurse practitioner who has also worked as an oncology staff nurse and an oncology clinical nurse specialist.

Sophy H. Mangana, MD

Sophy H. Mangana, MD is a radiation oncologist specializing in the treatment of breast, head and neck cancers.

Karen Marr, MS, RD, LDN, CSO

Karen Marr is a board certified clinical oncology dietician at the Cancer Treatment Center of America, Eastern Regional Medical Center, where she provides personalized nutrition consultations and recommendations to patients.

Steve R. Martinez, MD, MAS, FACS

Steve Martinez, MD, MAS, FACS is a surgical oncologist at the Everett Clinic in Everett, Wash., where he specializes in treating breast diseases.

Aju Mathew, MD, MPhil

Aju Mathew, MD, MPhil, is a fellow in hematology and medical oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Cancer Institute. He is board-certified in internal medicine.