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Jean A. Sachs, MSS, MLSP, Chief Executive Officer

Jean Sachs became Living Beyond Breast Cancer's first executive director in 1996 and was named chief executive officer in 2008.

Joanne Bursich, Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, Joanne Bursich oversees Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s operations, and works with the CEO and directors to advance the organization’s mission. 

Sandy Martin, Vice President, Advancement

Sandy Martin oversees all fundraising, marketing and public relations activities for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Catherine L. Ormerod, MSS, MLSP, Vice President, Programs and Partnerships

As Vice President, Programs and Partnerships, Catherine L. Ormerod is responsible for overseeing the implementation of all direct service and partnership initiatives in support of Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s mission. 

Janine E. Guglielmino, MA, Senior Director, Programs and Partnerships

Janine Guglielmino directs Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s programs, print and virtual publications, and research and evaluation efforts.

Celeste C. Terrinoni, CPA, Senior Director, Finance and Administration

Celeste oversees the coordination and administration of all financial and business-related activities for LBBC, including financial accounting and forecasting, human resources, contractual agreements and facility management.

Jessica Betts, Associate Director, Development

As associate director of development, Jessica is responsible for assisting in creating and executing fundraising strategies in support of LBBC’s mission. 

Kevin Gianotto, Associate Director, Marketing and Corporate Relations

Kevin Gianotto manages marketing and public relations for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. He promotes the overall message of LBBC as well as development and special event fundraising initiatives. Kevin also oversees corporate partnerships and cause-related marketing campaigns.

Amy B. Grillo, Associate Director, Educational Programs

Amy manages, develops and plans content for Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s educational programs for breast cancer information and awareness, including teleconferences, physical conferences and networking meetings.

Kathy Arocho, Database Coordinator

As Living Beyond Breast Cancer's database coordinator, Kathy is responsible for providing support to the development, special events and communication programs to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of overall operations.

Cortney Dotts, Program Assistant

As program assistant, Cortney supports LBBC’s Programs and Partnerships Department in planning and implementing all of the educational programs.

Josh Fernandez, Digital Media Specialist

Josh plays a primary role in carrying out a coordinated online presence for Living Beyond Breast Cancer informed by the organization's marketing strategy employing website analytics, social media messaging and e-communications.

Lynn Folkman Auspitz, Manager, Community Engagement

Lynn manages and implements LBBC's volunteer initiatives, including the live Breast Cancer Helpline, recruitment and training and national volunteer programs. 

Arin Ahlum Hanson, MPH, CHES, Manager, Young Women’s Initiative

Arin manages LBBC's Young Women’s Initiative and oversees the research, evaluation, development and execution of educational programs related to premenopausal women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Catherine Creme Henry, Outreach Coordinator

As LBBC’s outreach coordinator, Katie is responsible for coordinating and executing all outreach programs and activities, with a special focus on underserved populations including African-American women, Latinas and young women.

Dominique Holland, Administrative Coordinator

As administrative coordinator, Dominique is provides support to the CEO, chief of staff and directors of Living Beyond Breast Cancer to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the office’s daily operations. 

Nicole Katze, MA, Editor and Manager, Content Development

Nicole oversees LBBC’s print publications. She conceptualizes and selects content, assigns writers and serves as editor of LBBC's guides to understanding breast cancer and national newsletter, Insight

Vicki Klopp, Development Coordinator

Among her many responsibilities at LBBC, Vicki helps track donations, registrations and other fundraising data. She is responsible for thanking supporters, assisting at fundraising meetings and helping answer the phone.

Kendra Lawton-Ajuba, Manager, Marketing and Workflow

Kendra supports the core departments at LBBC in their efforts to communicate with their constituents by creating and implementing communication plans and managing special projects for the organization.

Claudia Lilley, MPH, Program Coordinator

As LBBC’s program coordinator, Claudia is responsible for planning and coordinating all logistics associated with virtual and in-person educational programs.

Ingrid Mapanao, Program Coordinator, Young Women's Initiative

As program coordinator of the Young Women’s Initiative (YWI), Ingrid is responsible for assisting in the implementation of in-person, print and online educational materials and programs for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer before age 45.

Christina Meehan, MA, Copyeditor and Content Coordinator

Christina copyedits and produces online and print content for LBBC’s educational programs, in support of our mission, programs and services.

Mary Beth Mills, MS, Manager, Annual Giving

Mary Beth oversees LBBC’s annual giving program which encourages individuals to support the organization and its many outreach programs. 

Megan Roberts, Community Engagement Coordinator

Megan is responsible for assisting in the implementation of volunteer and community engagement initiatives in support of Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s mission.

Erin Rowley, Writer and Content Coordinator

Erin serves as author and copyeditor of select LBBC publications and coordinates the annual publications calendar in support of the mission, programs and services of LBBC.

Elizabeth Scott, MSed, Manager, Fundraising Events

Elizabeth is responsible for managing and executing special events activities to achieve fundraising goals and strategies of LBBC.

Christine A. Ware, MEd, Manager, Database Strategy and Administration

As LBBC's "tech goddess," Christine's job is to oversee the database at LBBC, to make sure the computers are up and running, and to manage the tool we use to send out emails and register people for events.