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Clinical Trials & Research Studies

Breast cancer clinical trials, also called clinical studies, are a type of research study that tests how well new medical approaches work in people. These studies test new methods of screening, prevention, diagnosis or treatment.

In this section, get basic information about breast cancer clinical trials for African-Americans diagnosed with breast cancer, explore whether taking part in a clinical trial is right for you and find studies you may be eligible to participate in.

You can also get information and updates on other breast cancer research studies that follow participants over time to determine treatment outcomes.

Study Exploring Uncertainty and Daily Spiritual Experiences After Breast Cancer

A study designed to learn more about uncertainty, perceived threat, stress, positive appraisal and daily spiritual experiences in women with breast cancer or a history of breast cancer is actively recruiting.

The Step by Step Study

The Step by Step research study is recruiting women affected by breast cancer for a free, 12-week walking program facilitated online. 

The Health of Women (HOW) Study

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and the Beck Research Institute at City of Hope created a one-of-a-kind online study to examine breast cancer causes, treatment and prevention.

Jewels in our Genes: An African-American Family Study

Researchers seek young African-American women with multiple family members who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to help them discover unique genes that may ultimately help lead to better research and treatments.

Sexual Renewal for Women After Cancer

If you live in the Houston area and finished breast cancer treatment at least one year ago but not more than five years ago, we invite you to test a program to help women deal with sexual problems or concerns about fertility after cancer.

Trial to Investigate Benefits of Education and Exercise for Lymphedema

Researchers seek women newly diagnosed with stage I-III breast cancer planning to undergo axillary lymph node dissection for a study on preventing and treating lymphedema.

Trial May Advance Personalized Medicine

If you are newly diagnosed, find out whether you are eligible to participate in I-SPY2, a trial measuring the effectiveness of adding new medicines to standard chemotherapy given before surgery.

Trial Examines Optimal Treatments for HER2-Positive Early Breast Cancer

Phase III trial will compare lapatinib and trastuzumab in preventing recurrence of early-stage, HER2 positive breast cancer after surgery and chemotherapy.