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Podcasts and Transcripts

In this section, listen to podcasts and download transcripts from past events for African-Americans affected by breast cancer.

Paying it Forward: African-American Women Using Their Breast Cancer Experiences to Help Their Communities

February 13, 2014

Understand why sharing your story with your community is important.

Addressing Health Disparities to Improve the Care of African-American Women Affected by Breast Cancer

February 12, 2014

Learn about current health disparity data and research.

ASCO Update


Learn the latest in cancer research and treatment from the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Getting Connected, Getting Support: African-Americans Living Beyond Breast Cancer


Learn how to nurture your soul and get the support and care you need as an African-American woman affected by breast cancer.

Nurturing Your Spirit


Explore the many connections you have around you to feed your spirit, increase your vitality and inspire well-being while affected by breast cancer.

Still Strong and Still Speakin' Out: Talking about Your Breast Cancer with Family


Learn tips and strategies on how to talk about your diagnosis, communicate your needs and get the support you want. This workshop has a special focus on communication dynamics within African-American families.

A Closer Look: Breast Cancer and Women of Color


Learn about health disparities facing African-Americans with breast cancer. Understand factors that impact outcomes and survivorship, the types of breast cancer that occur more often in African-Americans, lifestyle changes to reduce risk and the benefits of clinical trials.