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Guides to Understanding Breast Cancer

In this section, learn more about our guides to understanding breast cancer that address the unique needs of people diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Read descriptions of the books and brochures, download free PDFs and order single copies or in bulk at our  online marketplace.

Please use the links below to access the guides of interest to you.

Guide to Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality

Learn practical ways to manage the sexual side effects of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, how to talk to your partner or healthcare providers about sexual concerns, and where to go to find the resources you need.  

Guide to Understanding Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Our Guide to Understanding Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, created in partnership with the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, offers information on common terms to know, risk factors, treatment basics, myths about this diagnosis and post-treatment concerns. Read the experiences of real women affected by triple-negative breast cancer and tips from healthcare professionals.

Guide to Understanding Lymphedema

Learn the signs and symptoms of breast cancer-related lymphedema, ways to manage your lymphedema risk, treatments for lymphedema, how lymphedema can impact your emotions and how to pay for lymphedema care.

Guide to Understanding Fear of Recurrence

The Guide to Understanding Fear of Recurrence explores the common worry that breast cancer could return. Find out why some milestones, holidays and situations trigger an emotional response; how to find support; and methods to manage your feelings.

Guide to Understanding Insomnia and Fatigue

The Guide to Understanding Insomnia and Fatigue will help you learn how sleeping problems related to cancer and its treatments may impact your life. Explore tips on improving your sleep and maintaining your energy, ways to talk with a healthcare professional, using lifestyle changes and medicines to manage insomnia and fatigue and ways to move forward. Available online only.

Guide to Understanding Your Emotions

If you are newly diagnosed, the Guide to Understanding Your Emotions will help you make sense of your feelings. This brochure covers common emotions, signs of anxiety and depression, consulting a healthcare professional, responding to emotions, understanding your feelings after initial treatment ends and practical strategies for moving forward.

Guide to Understanding Breast Cancer Treatment Research Studies

Learn the basics of cancer clinical trials, weigh the pros and cons of taking part in breast cancer research and explore questions to ask your doctors. Get understandable information about clinical trial phases, research protocols, randomization, blinding, informed consent and safety laws. Available online only.