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Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer is published quarterly in conjunction with LBBC's quarterly newsletter, Insight. It contains updates on the latest treatment options, stories of people living with metastatic breast cancer and articles on issues such as symptoms and side effects, nutrition, fatigue, and more. 

In this section, you can read articles about metastatic breast cancer from the back issues of this publication.

Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer, Spring 2015

In this issue of Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer, learn about the process of applying for disability benefits after a stage IV diagnosis and read the stories and advice of women who have applied in the past. Experts share tips for making your application as strong and thorough as possible.

Get to know Ayanna Kalasunas, an LBBC Hear My Voice blogger and speaker at the 2015 Annual Conference for Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer, about marrying in the midst of a diagnosis.

Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer, Winter 2014/2015

Learn about depression and metastatic breast cancer, what causes it, how to recognize symptoms and where to find support. Read an interview with Sarah Merchant, an LBBC Young Advocate who has dedicated her time to volunteering for several breast cancer organizations after being diagnosed with stage IV disease. 

Coping With Insomnia and Fatigue

Learn about living with insomnia and fatigue as a person with metastatic breast cancer.

Moving and Meditation After Stage IV Diagnosis

Proud yogi Cheryl Solomen discussed her support system, exercise and complementary therapies like Reiki*, an Eastern practice of restoring your body’s life energy and bringing you inner peace through touch, and more with LBBC.

Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer, Fall 2014

Learn about living with insomnia and fatigue, what causes the two side effects and how you can manage them with medical and nonmedical therapies. Read an interview with Cheryl Solomen, an exercise enthusiast who raised nearly $6,000 for LBBC's Yoga on the Steps: Philadelphia after her metastatic diagnosis.

Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer, Summer 2014

Learn about living with brain metastases, what treatments are available and where research is taking us. Read about Kiara and Kai, a young couple facing Kiara’s stage IV diagnosis together. 

Brain Metastases: Treatments, Emotions and Research Directions

Women living with brain metastases – breast cancer that spread to the brain – share their experiences with treatment, side effects and living full lives despite the diagnosis. Medical professionals who treat this type of disease discuss the use of surgery and radiation to manage symptoms and what research is on the horizon.

Facing Stage IV Together: An Interview With Kiara and Kai

Young couple Kiara and Kai met shortly before Kiara learned she had stage IV breast cancer. They share their thoughts on dating in the presence of ongoing cancer treatment.