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In this section, Living Beyond Breast Cancer brings you the stories of people living with metastatic breast cancer as well as those of family members, friends and caregivers. Learn how they faced the complex medical, psychosocial, emotional, legal and financial challenges of the disease.

Young Doctor, Unexpected Diagnosis: Breck McCarty

As she prepared to move for her first job after medical school, a new doctor suddenly had to consider breast cancer treatment and fertility preservation.

Thriving, Despite Almost 2 Decades of Breast Cancer: Sherry Lawson

A woman discusses the challenges she faced in health care and her relationship after she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. 

Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Meghan Malley

After she was told she had dense breasts and that her breast pain was nothing serious, a young woman from Michigan pushes to have her concerns investigated. When she receives a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, she decides to take action to help others like herself.

Finding Support and Community: Sarah McClain

Making supportive connections helps a young woman gain physical and emotional strength after a diagnosis of triple-negative, metastatic breast cancer.

Paying It Forward: Scarlett Gibbs

In 1990, a young woman is told inflammatory breast cancer will take her life in less than a year. Twenty-two years later, she is an active advocate in the breast cancer community.

Adoption After Metastatic Diagnosis: Stephanie Norris Drum

After breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, a recurrence and more treatment, a young woman achieves much hoped-for motherhood through adoption.

Keeping Stride to Stay Healthy: Margaret Zuccotti

An avid athlete uses her passion for exercise to rebuild her health and win the Race for the Cure's "Survivor Race" five years in a row.

Strength After the Unexpected Happens: Westray Corradine

A young mother decides how to handle information, talk with her children and find nutritional support after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

Pregnant at Diagnosis: Karen Ortiz

Discovering she's pregnant at the same time she receives a breast cancer diagnosis, a young woman makes decisions, finds strength and faces challenges.

The To-Do List: Sue Peracchia’s Story

After an initial diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, Sue Peracchia came to terms with treatment and used volunteering and expressive writing to cope with the uncertainties of living with stage IV breast cancer.