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Recommended Reading

In this section, you can access information on recommended reading for people newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The publications below address a variety of issues that may be important to you.

7 Minutes! How to Get The Most From Your Doctor Visit

Provides expert advice to help you: find the right doctor, prepare for your appointment, say what you want to say, get answers, retain what the doctor tells you, advocate for a loved one and manage your relationship with your doctor. This book will help you get the best care possible.

After Shock: From Cancer Diagnosis to Healing

This book empowers cancer patients, families and caregivers, while offering practical suggestions and sharing encouraging stories.

Breast Cancer Clear & Simple

Using everyday terms, Breast Cancer Clear & Simple is designed to help women and their caregivers know what to expect.

Nana, What’s Cancer?

This loving conversation between a grandmother and a granddaughter tackles the tough questions about cancer in a kid-friendly but honest way.

The Breast Cancer Checklist

Fern Reiss provides you step-by-step checklists for what to do before, during and after your active treatment for breast cancer.