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Learn About Breast Cancer and Young Women

"You have breast cancer."

These four words can change your life forever, forcing you to face many complex medical, psychosocial, emotional, legal and financial challenges.

In this section, get basic and in-depth information about breast cancer in young women that will help you make sound choices and live well after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Receiving a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The Basics on Breast Cancer and Young Women

Learn about the risk of breast cancer at a young age, why young women develop breast cancer and where to find support for young diagnosis.

Under Age 30 at Diagnosis

Learn how to deal with parents, family and friends, emotional pressures and other challenges you may face as a woman diagnosed with breast cancer under age 30.

Fertility and Future Pregnancy

Learn about how breast cancer treatment can affect your future fertility and options you have for family planning.

Communicating With Doctors and Other Providers

Learn how to maintain good communication with your healthcare providers in order to increase the quality of your care and help you reach greater emotional well-being after a breast cancer diagnosis.


Breast Reconstruction

Learn about the types and timing of breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy and get tips on deciding which surgery is best for you.

Early Menopause From Breast Cancer Treatment

Learn about early menopause related to breast cancer treatment, including how symptoms are caused, how to handle them and whether your period will return.

Keeping Young Bones Healthy During and After Treatment

Learn how a breast cancer diagnosis can affect your bone health and how to protect and support your bones during and after treatment.

Pregnant with Breast Cancer

Learn about the possibility of pregnancy during breast cancer treatment, how treatment may affect the fetus and resources for pregnancy support.


Anxiety and Depression In Young Women

Learn about concerns faced by young women, how anxiety and depression may affect you, who can help and 10 ways to lessen anxiety and depression.

Body Image Concerns

Learn about body image and how side effects may change it during and after breast cancer treatment.


Dating During and After Breast Cancer

Learn about the challenges of dating during and after breast cancer treatment and tips for talking about your diagnosis in new relationships.

Sex and Intimacy After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Learn about changes in sex and intimacy during and after breast cancer treatment and how to manage those changes.

Talking to Children About Breast Cancer

Learn about why it's important to tell children about your diagnosis and some practical tips for how to say it.

Money Concerns

Financial Impact on Young Women

Learn how to manage the financial stresses you face as a young woman and get resources on financial assistance.

Work and Career

Learn about how breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can affect your work and career.

Finding Support and Strength

Engaging Your Support System After a Metastatic Diagnosis

Learn how to find support when you're young and diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and build a support system that can strengthen you, lessen isolation and help with the challenging emotions you may be feeling.

Getting Involved in Advocacy

Learn how to get involved in breast cancer advocacy as a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer in order to voice your support or take action to achieve changes for yourself and other women. 

Using Social Media for Breast Cancer Support

Learn how to use social media as you look for information and support after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.