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Let's Talk About It Video Series

Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s “Let’s Talk About It” video series covers health topics relevant to young women. These unique videos combine the perspectives of young women affected by breast cancer and their healthcare providers.

Body Image: Tips and Truths

How you feel about your body can change drastically after you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Young women diagnosed with early-stage and metastatic breast cancer share how their body image changed because of breast cancer treatment and what they did to cope with these changes and feel better about their bodies. Psychologists Pamela J. Ginsberg, PhD, and Helen L. Coons, PhD, ABPP, offer advice on how to adjust to changes in your body and improve your body image. 

Financial Impact of Breast Cancer

Young women diagnosed with early-stage and metastatic breast cancer share how treatment has affected their finances and what they did to manage the impact. Lisa McLaughlin, MSW, LSW, OSW-C, oncology social worker, explains what you can do as a young woman to reduce treatment costs and get help from your healthcare team.

Let’s Talk About Sex (and Breast Cancer)

Young straight and lesbian women discuss how breast cancer treatment has impacted their sexual health and function and the strategies they took to address these challenges as partnered or single women. Anne Katz, RN, PhD, clinical nurse specialist and sexuality counselor, explains why breast cancer can affect sexuality and how young women can ask for help from their healthcare team to overcome these sexual health challenges. 

Hear Me: Communicating With Your Healthcare Team

Young women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer or living with metastatic breast cancer, along with oncologists Julie Gralow, MD, and Virginia Borges, MD, discuss why having good communication with your healthcare team is important. Communication challenges and strategies for improving dialogue with your providers are discussed.

What Young Women Should Know About Bone Health

Bone health is often last on the list of things to discuss with your healthcare team, but it is important. Oncologists Virginia Borges, MD, Julie Gralow, MD, and young women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer explain how treatments can weaken a young woman’s bones and how you can strengthen and protect yours.

Denver, CO  ·  September 13, 2014

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