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Podcasts and Transcripts

In this section, listen to podcasts and download transcripts from past events for young women affected by breast cancer.

Survivorship: A Roadmap for Managing Fear

April 7, 2014

Understand what you may be feeling and what may trigger fear, sadness or anxiety.

Sex and Intimacy After Breast Cancer

January 30, 2014

After treatment, you may experience your body and your interest in sex differently.  

Turning Inward: Finding Your Spiritual Way after Breast Cancer


Connecting to an inner peace or to a higher power can instill a sense of support and strength during life’s big challenges

Bring It Up! How to Talk to Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer about Sex


Understand common sexual challenges young women affected by breast cancer face and possible solutions to these common problems.

ASCO Update


Learn the latest in cancer research and treatment from the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Understanding the Unique Needs of Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer


In this program for healthcare providers, learn about the unique psychosocial and medical needs of women diagnosed with breast cancer before age 45, and get tips to help you better care for your young patients.

Living with Mets as a Young Woman


This is a session tailored for young women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer under the age of 45. Learn how to manage stress,maintain a sense of normalcy during times of transition and ways to communicate your needs and boundaries to others.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation


Learn about the restorative methods that can be utilized before, during and after treatment to prevent and address concerns.

Fear of Recurrence


Get practical tools for managing fears of recurrence whether you are days, months or years out of treatment.

Going Green: Making Informed Choices


Understand the simple changes you can make as a consumer and in your home environment to significantly reduce your family’s exposure to potential risks and toxins. 

Meditation for Stress Relief


Hear how to get started, learn the art of practicing and incorporating meditation into your daily life, and look at the benefits that meditation can have during and after your breast cancer therapies.

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer


Learn about triple-negative breast cancer in young women, medical updates, treatment options and post-treatment follow-up care.

Body Image: Breaking through the Looking Glass


Explore how you relate and feel about your body and learn how your personal perspectives and society’s values may impact your feelings. 

Building Your Family After Breast Cancer


Learn about a variety of family-building options and the emotional impact each of these may have on you and your family. 

Coping with Your Losses


Learn ways to manage new parts of yourself and identify opportunities to feel more at ease and improve your quality of life.

Family and Genetic Risk


Learn about the genetics of breast cancer in young women and what information testing can provide.

Fertility and Pregnancy: Post Treatment Options


Learn about post treatment fertility and pregnancy options. 

Healthy Eating After Breast Cancer


Understand the types of foods and cooking methods used to maintain a healthy body weight, reduce the risk of recurrence and lead an overall healthy lifestyle after treatment ends.

Managing Side-Effects during Treatment


Learn how to get ahead of common side effects like fatigue, nausea, and changes to your appetite and weight.

Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Medical Update


Hear about the latest medical update, treatment plans, and what options exist moving forward.

Sex and Intimacy


Learn practical ways to accept your new body, discover your pleasure zones and how to communicate them to your partner. 

Taking It to the Streets: Breast Cancer Advocacy in Your Community


Learn how you can use your personal journeys as a compelling force in community advocacy and legislative decision making. 

Young Women and Breast Cancer: The Future of Care


Learn about the most recent research and medical updates for young women affected by breast cancer.

Clearing the Clutter: Mental and Physical Space


Learn techniques for clearing the physical, mental, emotional, and schedule clutter in your life – through your diagnosis, treatment and life after treatment.

Clinical Trials: What's Happening Now?


Hear about clinical trials actively recruiting young women, how to participate and what the research is hoping to show. 

Working Matters: Employment During and After Breast Cancer


Learn strategies for handling concerns about disclosure with your employer, co-workers, or clients, as well your legal rights in the workplace. 

Fertility and Pregnancy: Pre- and Post- Treatment Options


Learn how several types of breast cancer treatments can affect fertility.

Young Women with Breast Cancer: Findings from LBBC’s Young Women’s Initiative


LBBC conducted a needs assessment engaging more than 1,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 45 to determine the programs they want and need. Learn about LBBC’s plans to craft the resources and services based on the survey’s respondents.

Breast Reconstruction: Considering Your Options


Learn about the choices you have when considering breast and nipple reconstruction.

ASCO Breaking News


Learn about the research reported at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting, including medical updates for women with early-stage and metastatic breast cancer.

End of Life Issues: Leaving Your Legacy


Learn guidelines for crafting meaningful communications to loved ones in the form of final words and legacy letters. Understand how these communications allow us to honor relationships and celebrate life while conveying values, hope, gratitude, forgiveness and memories.

Genetics and Family Risk


Get the latest information in the field of breast cancer genetics.

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Understanding Your Options


Learn about this form of breast cancer that tests negative for estrogen, progesterone and HER2/neu receptors.

Young and Empowered: An Advocate’s Guide


Gain a better understanding of breast cancer advocacy, and learn ways that you can get involved in creating impactful change.

Medical Update


Learn the latest research looking at young women affected by breast cancer including current and pipeline treatments for early-stage and metastatic breast cancer.

Medical Update for Young Women


Understand treatments for premenopausal women with early-stage and metastatic breast cancer. Learn about estrogen receptor-positive, triple-negative, HER2 positive and other types of breast cancer. Find out ways to reduce your risk for recurrence.

Anxiety and Depression: A Roadmap to Understanding Emotions and Finding Support


Get an overview of the emotional issues that may affect you as a young women coping with breast cancer. Explore techniques for controlling anxiety and getting support.

Going Strong! Bone Health for Young Women


Many treatments for breast cancer can affect your bone health and impact your quality of life. Dr. Hu discusses risk factors for bone loss and fractures and what you can do to keep your bones strong.

Medical Update for Young Women


One of the nation’s leading oncologists gives an overview of available treatments for premenopausal women and discusses medicines and methods under study. Eric P. Winer, MD, focuses on the importance of tailoring treatments to breast cancer type and supporting research specific to young women.

What's New? Medical Advances for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer


Hear about a variety of issues relevant to women under age 45 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer including why diagnosing breast cancer in young women can be complicated and why some young women tend to be diagnosed with aggressive breast cancers or more cancers at later stages.

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