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Moving Beyond Breast Cancer: From Treatment to Survivorship


Speaker: Julia H. Rowland, PhD

Did you recently finish initial treatment? Like many women, you may be asking, “Now what?” Dr. Rowland, a founder in the field of psycho-oncology, compassionately explores common concerns about life after treatment ends. She discusses the reasons why you may feel anxious about the end of therapy or abandoned by your caregivers; fears that the breast cancer could return; tests to monitor your health and ways to communicate your new needs to family, friends and doctors. Learn to create a “survivorship care plan” and maintain accurate medical records. Dr. Rowland also touches on nutrition, stress, cancer anniversaries and milestones, fatigue, asking for help and finding support.

Download the Transcript:

LBBC Moving Beyond Breast Cancer From Tx to Survivorship.pdf 182.00 kB PDF File