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Helping to Promote a More Equal Approach to Health Care


Speaker: Lovell A. Jones, PhD

In this publication, one of the country's leaders in promoting healthcare equality explores the six lessons he says we need to learn to lessen and eliminate disparities in the way Americans gain access to medical care. Dr. Jones, a founding co-chair of the Intercultural Cancer Council, discusses why researchers must change the way they think about health care, how working with communities can bring fresh insights into serving diverse people and why we should approach health concerns by considering all of a person's medical needs, not just the most recent (or pressing) diagnosis. Learn about Dr. Jones's six key words: trust, respect, partnership, communication, flexibility and knowledge.

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LBBC Helping To Promote a More Equal Approach to Healthcare.pdf 136.32 kB PDF File

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Helping to Promote a More Equal Approach to Healthcare - Jones 11.1.08 Conf.mp3 78.31 MB MP3 File