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Breaking News: FDA Approves Perjeta for Early-Stage Breast Cancer


Speaker: Lisa Jablon, MD & Hope S. Rugo, MD

Learn about the recent FDA approval of pertuzumab (Perjeta) as a pre-surgery medicine for early-stage breast cancer, and what it means in the landscape of care.  Understand health insurance coverage of the medicine and its cost.  Discover its possible side effects and the ways your healthcare team will work together to determine if this medicine is right for you.

Download the Podcast:

103013-1200(LBBC-EVT)Guglielmin.mp3 50.25 MB MP3 File

Download the Powerpoint Presentations:

Presentation LBBC_Rugo.pdf 1.29 MB PPT File

Presentation LBBC_Jablon.pdf 455.46 kB PPT File