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In this section, learn how to participate in Living Beyond Breast Cancer's educational conferences, webinars, Twitter chats and community meetings encompassing a wide variety of topics, as well as our special fundraising events and events for healthcare professionals.

View upcoming events and events by type; access a list of recurring LBBC events and an event archive; and access featured event listings and a library of transcripts and podcasts from past events.

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July 2004

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March 2008

Community Meetings Advances in Radiation Therapy

March 10, 2008

In this transcript from our March 10, 2008 networking meeting, LBBC founder Marisa C. Weiss, MD, discusses radiation therapy basics and advances.

Community Meetings Getting Relief: Pain Management Strategies for Women Affected by Breast Cancer

March 26, 2008

Learn how to effectively communicate your concerns to your doctor in order to develop an effective pain management plan.

May 2008

Community Meetings Moving Beyond Breast Cancer: From Treatment to Survivorship

May 15, 2008

Did you recently finish initial treatment? Like many women, you may be asking, “Now what?”

Community Meetings Your New Normal: Reclaiming Body Image

May 19, 2008

Learn about common body image issues and find out strategies to begin to improve your feelings about yourself.

June 2008

Webinars Medical and Quality-of-Life Updates from the 44th Annual ASCO Meeting

June 13, 2008

Learn about the latest findings from the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Community Meetings Neuropathy: Causes and Strategies for Getting Relief

June 18, 2008

Learn about the symptoms and causes of neuropathy and how it may affect the quality of your life.

August 2008

Community Meetings Advanced Breast Cancer: Coping with Your Emotions

August 6, 2008

Learn how a diagnosis of advanced (metastatic) breast cancer can affect your quality of life both physically and psychologically.

Webinars Managing Menopausal Symptoms

August 13, 2008

In this program, Dr. Ganz explains how chemotherapy and hormonal therapy can impact the severity of common menopausal symptoms.

September 2008

Community Meetings Get Moving with the Latest Research on Diet and Nutrition

September 17, 2008

In this program, Dr. Chlebowski explains how results of the latest clinical trials on diet and exercise may impact your risk of developing breast cancer or a recurrence.

Fundraising Events The 2008 Butterfly Ball

September 27, 2008

Over 660 supporters raised more than $700,000 for Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s education and support programs at our annual gala, The Butterfly Ball, on September 27, 2008, at the Lowes Philadelphia Hotel.