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In this section, learn how to participate in Living Beyond Breast Cancer's educational conferences, webinars, Twitter chats and community meetings encompassing a wide variety of topics, as well as our special fundraising events and events for healthcare professionals.

View upcoming events and events by type; access a list of recurring LBBC events and an event archive; and access featured event listings and a library of transcripts and podcasts from past events.

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July 2013

Webinars Breast Reconstruction Part One: Using Your Own Tissue to Rebuild Your Breast

July 15, 2013

Learn the latest on breast reconstruction research and methods.

Community Meetings Reining in the Fear of Recurrence

July 23, 2013

Get tips on how to control the fear and anxiety you may feel about a possible breast cancer recurrence.

Webinars Newly Diagnosed: Using Complementary Therapies to Manage Side Effects

July 25, 2013

Learn the latest about complementary therapies available to help manage the side effects of treatment.

Webinars Breast Reconstruction Part Two: Overview of Implant Technique Options

July 30, 2013

Learn the latest on breast reconstruction research and methods. 

August 2013

Community Meetings Breast Reconstruction

August 8, 2013

Learn your breast reconstruction options and hear about the latest advancements in reconstruction methods. 

Webinars Breast Imaging and Screening Updates

August 15, 2013

Learn the latest updates in breast imaging options and recommendations. 

September 2013

Community Meetings Writing the Journey

September 10, 2013

Join this six-part writing workshop series for women affected by breast cancer at all stages of diagnosis and recovery. 

Webinars Bring it up! How to Talk With Your Young Breast Cancer Patients About Sex

September 10, 2013

Learn ways to discuss sexuality and intimacy in this webinar for healthcare providers.

Webinars Turning Inward: Finding Your Spiritual Way After Breast Cancer

September 17, 2013

Discover how spirituality can help when facing a life challenge such as breast cancer.

Community Meetings Metastatic Breast Cancer: Managing Symptoms and Side Effects

September 18, 2013

Learn about basic methods used to control the side effects of treatments for metastatic breast cancer.