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Webinars Healthy Living After Breast Cancer Part Two: Exercise and Fitness

When:   Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Noon - 1 p.m.

Download the audio here!

During part two of our free January webinar series, Jennifer Ligibel, MD, and Nancy Campbell, MS, helped you

  • learn about the positive effects of exercise on your health and well-being after breast cancer
  • hear recommendations on how to safely begin a new fitness program
  • explore the roles aerobic activity and strength training can play in reducing lingering treatment side effects and increasing overall energy

About Our Speakers

Jennifer Ligibel, MD, is a medical oncologist in the Women’s Cancer Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Her research focuses on the study of energy balance and breast and other cancers. Dr. Ligibel conducted several studies assessing the impact of increased physical activity on serum biomarkers, body measurements and psychosocial outcomes in breast cancer survivors, as well as in those undergoing adjuvant therapy. Her other recent work focuses on the relationship between obesity and outcomes in women with early-stage breast cancer treated with adjuvant chemotherapy. Dr. Ligibel is interested in distance-based lifestyle interventions and recently published a study of a telephone-based physical activity intervention that took place in a cooperative group setting. Among the studies she is currently conducting is a trial examining the effects of exercise on rapidly growing cancer cells and on tissue-based biomarkers in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. Finally, she is an active member of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, with her work focusing on lifestyle intervention studies in breast cancer survivors.      

Nancy Campbell, MS, has worked at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute since 2005 and has been involved in more than 10 different research studies involving cancer survivors and exercise. She provides exercise consultations in the Adult Survivorship Clinic and teaches a bi-weekly exercise class for female cancer survivors. Nancy has been working in the wellness arena for over 10 years, is a certified personal trainer and is a certified cancer exercise trainer.