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Support LBBC through the Combined Federal Campaign

Designate #78012 or join our national volunteer program

LBBC has joined the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace payroll deduction giving program. For the first time ever, federal employees can support LBBC by designating #78012 on their CFC pledge card. If you are a federal employee and want to invite an LBBC representative to a CFC event, please contact

The CFC promotes and supports philanthropy that is employee focused, cost-efficient and effective.

We also seek volunteers to represent LBBC at CFC charity fairs and at speaking opportunities around the country. Because LBBC is new to the campaign, we need to let people know how they can support our mission of connecting people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. We are thrilled to offer this national volunteer opportunity to people across the United States!

Descriptions of volunteer opportunities are below.

Charity Fairs

  • Event description: Large events where 100 or more federal employees learn about charities they can support through the CFC. Charity Fairs are generally held during regular business hours. They are fun, lively events which often feature music, food and other entertainment. Charity fairs are an opportunity to attract donors and introduce LBBC to the federal employees who serve as campaign coordinators. These individuals are the connectors who invite charities to speak to their departments.
  • Volunteer role: Setting up and staffing an information table with materials provided by LBBC.

Speaking Opportunities

  • Event description: Departmental meeting or campaign event, generally with 50 or fewer employees where one or more charities are invited to make a brief presentation. These speaking opportunities are especially important in recruiting new donors, because hearing about our work in person helps employees decide among the thousands of charities in the CFC.
  • Volunteer role: Making a brief presentation about our work and/or your personal experiences with LBBC. We would provide talking points and materials to distribute.

Register for LBBC's Volunteer Program.

For more information about volunteering contact Megan Roberts at

For more information about supporting the Combined Federal Campaign contact

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