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LBBC Library

Welcome to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer library. Here you can access a user-friendly collection of LBBC resources to address your medical, psychosocial, emotional, legal and financial concerns.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, recently completed treatment, are years beyond or are living with advanced (metastatic) disease, or you are a family member, friend or healthcare provider, LBBC can connect you with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support.

We hope the information offered in this collection will help you along your breast cancer journey. If you'd like to order books and resources found in this collection, visit our online marketplace.

Learning about Breast Cancer

Here are some recommended resources to get you started:

Our Programs and Services

In our general program brochure, Learn how Living Beyond Breast Cancer helps to connect all women affected by breast cancer, and their loved ones, with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support.

Guide to Understanding Genetics and Family Risk Assessment

Find out whether genetic testing is right for you and your family in this comprehensive guide about genetics and breast cancer risk. Learn what factors healthcare professionals look for in families that may suggest an inherited gene mutation led to breast cancer developing, what genetic counselors do, and how genetic test results may impact your treatment, family, and emotions.

Guide to Understanding Yoga and Breast Cancer

Gain a basic understanding of how yoga practice enhances overall wellness, improves quality of life and supports recovery after a breast cancer diagnosis. Learn about the mental and physical side of yoga, common yoga poses, how to adapt poses to suit your abilities during or after treatment, and where to find yoga classes for women with breast cancer.

November 2014 Ask the Expert: The Affordable Care Act and You

Healthcare reform, health insurance options and consumer protections can be hard to navigate and understand. This November, Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Joanna L. Fawzy Morales, Esq, answers your questions about the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts your care.

October 2014 Ask the Expert: Research and Treatments for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Katherine Tkaczuk, MD, answered your questions about available treatments for metastatic breast cancer, and what research is on the horizon.

September 2014 Ask the Expert: Coping as a Caregiver

Offering care and support to someone diagnosed with breast cancer can be hard emotionally. Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Page Tolbert, LCSW, answered your questions about how to be a caregiver while getting the help you need, too.

Insight, Fall 2014

In this issue, read about the factors that may impact choosing lumpectomy, single mastectomy or double mastectomy for breast cancer, and what resilience is and how it may play a part in your breast cancer experience. Read Nancy Dallman's personal story of developing and living with lymphedema, swelling of the hand, arm, chest or torso that may be caused by breast cancer treatment. 

Insights on Metastatic Breast Cancer, Fall 2014

Learn about living with insomnia and fatigue, what causes the two side effects and how you can manage them with medical and nonmedical therapies. Read an interview with Cheryl Solomen, an exercise enthusiast who raised nearly $6,000 for LBBC's Yoga on the Steps: Philadelphia after her metastatic diagnosis.

Defining the Unique and Persistent Needs of Young Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer through a Multi-Phased Needs Assessment

In spring 2012, Living Beyond Breast Cancer conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify the needs of women diagnosed with breast cancer younger than age 45. As part of the analysis, LBBC compared the differences between the respondents diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and those diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer (EBC) to determine how LBBC can better tailor programs to meet the needs of young women living with MBC.

Using a Financial Assistance Program as a Gateway to Support and Education for Underserved Breast Cancer Survivors

The Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant at Living Beyond Breast Cancer assists with the invisible costs of breast cancer treatment and provides a unique opportunity to engage underserved breast cancer survivors who may not otherwise have sought support and education from an organization. 65% of grant applicants were previously unaware of LBBC and its other programs. Formalized interventions were developed to increase contact time with grant recipients and provide personalized invitations to participate in other programs offered by LBBC.


Visit Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s caregiving support page at CaringBridge.

Lotsa Helping Hands

Visit Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s caregiving support page at Lotsa Helping Hands.

Denver, CO  ·  September 13, 2014

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