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Ask the Expert

Our ask-the-expert series will help answer your questions about breast cancer, whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment or years beyond treatment.

Each month, we ask a breast cancer expert to respond to your questions on a specific topic during an ask-the-expert residency. Answers to select questions will be posted on our website on an ongoing basis throughout the month.

August 2014 Ask the Expert: Drains, Incisions and Wound Healing

Living Beyond Breast Cancer experts Steve Martinez, MD, MAS, FACS, a cancer surgeon, and Tonia Goffinet, RN, a surgery nurse, answer your questions about what to expect from surgery for breast cancer.

July 2014 Ask the Expert: Coping with Fear of Recurrence

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert, Shara Sosa, MSW, LCSW, answers your questions about how to cope with the lingering fear that breast cancer might come back, what to do if the fear becomes too much and where to find support when you need it. 

June 2014 Ask the Expert: Making Treatment Decisions

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Sara Tolaney, MD, answers your questions about making treatment decisions after a breast cancer diagnosis, from choosing the right care team to understanding your treatment options.

May 2014 Ask the Expert: Body Image

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Barbara Musser answered your questions about body image after breast cancer, how to cope with the physical changes of treatment and how to work toward renewed self-love. 

April 2014 Ask the Expert: Medical Updates, Treatment Options and Follow-Up Care for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Rita Nanda, MD, answers your questions about today’s treatment options and clinical trials for triple-negative breast cancer. 

March 2014 Ask the Expert: Yoga and Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Jnani Chapman, RN, BSN, E-RYT 500, answered your questions about the health benefits of practicing yoga during and after breast cancer treatment, how to safely practice, and how to find yoga teachers trained to help you.

February 2014 Ask the Expert: Understanding Health Insurance Options

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Stephanie Fajuri, J.D., answered your questions about health insurance and breast cancer, how your health coverage may change because of the Affordable Care Act, and how to choose an insurance plan that meets your needs as a person with breast cancer.

January 2014 Ask the Expert: Managing Your Weight After Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD, answered your questions about why breast cancer impacts your weight, why some people gain or lose weight, what you can do during treatment to help manage your weight after treatment ends, and ways to get more exercise or find a fitness program to help your overall wellness.

December 2013 Ask the Expert: The Emotional Impact of Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Neal Niznan, LCSW, answered your questions about how a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis may affect your mood, how to cope with difficult emotions, ways to manage your emotional concerns along with those of your family and friends, and where to find resources for peer or professional support.

November 2013 Ask the Expert: Talking With Children About Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Hollye Jacobs, RN, MS, MSW, answers your questions about how to talk with children about what breast cancer is, the physical changes they may see you go through during treatment, how to handle the hard questions they may have, and how children of different ages may react to the news.

Denver, CO  ·  September 13, 2014

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