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In this section, Living Beyond Breast Cancer brings you the stories of women affected by breast cancer as well as those of family members, friends and caregivers. Learn how they faced the complex medical, psychosocial, emotional, legal and financial challenges of the disease.

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Body Image and Dating After Breast Cancer: Stephanie Joseph

A woman learns to love her body and date again after surgery and targeted therapy for breast cancer. 

Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Meghan Malley

After she was told she had dense breasts and that her breast pain was nothing serious, a young woman from Michigan pushes to have her concerns investigated. When she receives a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, she decides to take action to help others like herself.

Changes for the Better: Katie Post

Facing fear, isolation and financial worry after a breast cancer diagnosis, a young woman takes leaps for her future.

Reaching Out to Help and Be Helped: Kristeen Knight

Looking for others with similar life-stage concerns after breast cancer diagnosis, an Alabama woman becomes an LBBC Young Advocate. 

Adjustment and Action After Treatment: Jessica Ordway Young

Diagnosed at 32, a fitness business owner confronts post-treatment emotions and draws strength from work, family and a charitable event that now has even more meaning for her and her business partners.

Translating Experience to Action: Maria Linares

Searching for financial help with a mammogram and treatment help while employed but uninsured, a woman draws strength from her community and finds a new life direction. 

Running Through Treatment: Leisha Atwood

A young Arkansas woman runs to strengthen her body, restore her spirit and expand her confidence after a breast cancer diagnosis.  

High Risk and Young: Oliviya Daugherty

After deciding to have a preventive mastectomy due to having the BRCA1 gene mutation and a strong family history of breast cancer, a 27-year-old woman encounters more challenges.

Following New Purpose: Melody R. Collins

A young mother's experiences during diagnosis and treatment lead to her involvement in breast cancer advocacy and a career change.

Seeking Shared Decision-Making: Ronise Zenon

Feeling a disconnect with the first surgeon she sees, a young woman seeks out physicians who are better matched to her approach to care and finds support in an online group for women diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer.