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In this section, Living Beyond Breast Cancer brings you the stories of women affected by breast cancer as well as those of family members, friends and caregivers. Learn how they faced the complex medical, psychosocial, emotional, legal and financial challenges of the disease.

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Finding Support and Community: Sarah McClain

Making supportive connections helps a young woman gain physical and emotional strength after a diagnosis of triple-negative, metastatic breast cancer.

Financial Help for Fertility Preservation: Ryann Chamberlain

A young woman who wants to have a baby after breast cancer treatment finds help with fertility preservation costs.

From Personal to Professional: Mit Joyner

Driven by her own breast cancer experience and a deep passion to advocate for others, a woman brings her social work expertise to LBBC's board of directors.

Finding Control: Alexis Lieberman

A woman uses her medical knowledge to take control of her treatment regiment while finding support in her partner, daughter and community.

Finding New Purpose: Chien-Chi Huang

Feeling isolated from cultural support during her breast cancer experience, a young woman starts a group to educate and help Asian-American women.    

Support and Connections Help in a Long Year: Cicely Crews

Advice heard on a popular TV show enables a young woman to discover triple-negative breast cancer.

Too Young for Breast Cancer?: Adrienne Harlow

A 19-year-old woman perseveres to get a correct diagnosis despite skepticism from healthcare providers.

Lifting Spirits with (Wo)man's Best Friend: Ginny Fineberg

Ginny Fineberg, 64, combines her passion for volunteering and dogs to bring happiness to people diagnosed with cancer. 

Confidence in Clinical Trials: Denise Hyater-Lindenmuth

A nonprofit professional decides to receive treatment for triple-negative breast cancer through a clinical trial.

You Can Do This: Lisa Smart

Smart, Lisa

Diagnosed with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer in a yearly mammogram, a woman learns to talk about her experience to give support to others.