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In this section, Living Beyond Breast Cancer brings you the stories of women affected by breast cancer as well as those of family members, friends and caregivers. Learn how they faced the complex medical, psychosocial, emotional, legal and financial challenges of the disease.

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Paying It Forward: Scarlett Gibbs

In 1990, a young woman is told inflammatory breast cancer will take her life in less than a year. Twenty-two years later, she is an active advocate in the breast cancer community.

Genetics and Breast Cancer: Laura Martin

After seeing her sister go through a breast cancer diagnosis and two recurrences, and eventually being diagnosed herself, a woman learns of the BRCA1 gene mutation her family carries.

Adoption After Metastatic Diagnosis: Stephanie Norris Drum

After breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, a recurrence and more treatment, a young woman achieves much hoped-for motherhood through adoption.

Faith and Healing: Nickia Walker

A young mother diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer finds strength in God and creativity.

Caring Through Group Work: Lorraine Nagy

In 1999, five women approached Lorraine Nagy about starting a breast cancer support group at the World Bank, where they worked. Twelve years later, the group has grown to 139 members. 

Keeping Stride to Stay Healthy: Margaret Zuccotti

An avid athlete uses her passion for exercise to rebuild her health and win the Race for the Cure's "Survivor Race" five years in a row.

Money Troubles Stall Reconstruction: Lynn Michael

Because she cannot afford to pay the balance of her plastic surgery bill, a young woman's reconstruction is halted with the expanders in place but the process unfinished.

Strength After the Unexpected Happens: Westray Corradine

A young mother decides how to handle information, talk with her children and find nutritional support after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

Pregnant at Diagnosis: Karen Ortiz

Discovering she's pregnant at the same time she receives a breast cancer diagnosis, a young woman makes decisions, finds strength and faces challenges.

Facing Down Family History: Katie Hartline

Even with early screenings because her mother was diagnosed at 31, a young woman contends with her own breast cancer diagnosis and the genetic factor she and her sisters share.