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Tips for Dealing With Hair Loss

If you buy a wig prior to losing your hair, remember to size it for your head measurements excluding your existing hair. I didn't know I had a very petite head until my very thick hair was gone. Most of my nice, new, expensive wigs were too big!

Wig stands are not usually necessary. Instead, drape your wig over an empty starch can or something tall, round and sturdy.

Call your health insurance company to see if they reimburse wig expenses.

A wig sold with a prescription does not incur state sales tax in most states. Remind the salon of this when you buy.


A wig of only one color may look flat. A mix of colors picks up the light in an attractive and natural manner.

The cap, or liner, of a wig is crucial for comfort and fit, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Start wearing a wig before you lose your hair. By doing this, the shock of actually losing your hair may not be quite so devastating.

Synthetic wigs and synthetic/human blend wigs are easy to manage. You can put on either one, run a brush through it, and go! The style is permanent.

Shave your head before treatment – it can help give you some control over the situation.

Wig selection is a choice you get. Try to approach it positively; it is one thing you are empowered to do for yourself as you undergo treatment.