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Tips for Dealing With Workplace Concerns

Remember that cancer cannot take away your ability to work and be a great employee. I recently had an interview with someone who, when he learned that I was a survivor, actually sat back in his chair with a look of FEAR on his face. I told him that I was sure that breast cancer is not like a cold, you can't catch it! I thought about just giving up, but I'm determined to continue to be the best consultant I can be and to help women who are championing cancer go back to work. Determination will overcome fear every time!

I found that the best approach with clients was to be open and honest with them about my diagnosis. All of my co-workers and clients were extremely supportive and caring. By giving co-workers a heads up about my diagnosis, I was able to continue to work, although at a slower pace, during my chemo and surgeries.

Ask about employment assistance and advice after treatment.

If you haven't been happy with your job and need to return to work after treatment, you might want to consider a career change.