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Tips for Getting Through Treatment

If you have undergone nipple reconstruction, cut a big hole in your bra for the affected side(s). Pile three callous pads up and tape them on – it will keep pressure off while the nipple heals.

Maybe some people won't know what those tattooed dots are, but for those who do, it's a badge of sisterhood!

Use special salves to help heal burns and relieve pain during radiation treatment. Ask your radiation oncologist for the best products to use.

Starting with an over-the-counter stool softener the day before treatment may help. Ask your oncologist to recommend methods to prevent side effects.

Take things one day at a time. Those little hiccups along the way, they do pass.

If you feel nauseous, take frequent sips of ginger ale, tea or other non-acidic drinks to get the amount of fluid recommended by your oncologist.

During chemotherapy, cut a plain bagel into bite-sized pieces and nibble on them continually to keep the nausea at bay. Other things that may taste good and help prevent nausea are noodles, mashed potatoes, toast, chicken noodle soup, popsicles, and most bland foods.

Ask for a prescription for anti-nausea medication right after your first infusion. Make sure you keep a supply at home in case you need it.

If you experience fatigue during or after treatment, it may help you to take short naps – it makes your good hours almost great.

Listen to music. Take up art and other interests.