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Tips for Getting Through Treatment

Mint can be very soothing during chemo, especially if you feel queasy.

Lemon drops and other hard candies can help keep the metallic taste out of your mouth during chemotherapy.

Take the time to look after yourself and put yourself first.

If you have insomnia, spend these nights reading positive books on faith, hope, and staying strong during trying times. Consult with your oncologist or nurse if you have trouble sleeping­–there are many methods that may help you.

Choosing a hobby that you can do indoors really helps to pass the time.

Keeping hand sanitizer in your purse and antibacterial wipes in the car can help when frequent hand washing is not possible.

Continuing to go to the gym helps keep the weight down and gets you out of the house.

In this section, get tips for getting through treatment from other women who have been there.

Whip up a fruit smoothie for nourishment and energy.

Avoid fatty and spicy foods on treatment days.