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Tips for Getting Through Treatment

Do not try to fight the fatigue – ask for help and let others do for you.

If your eyes have trouble focusing, listen to books on CD instead of reading.

Diagnosis and treatment are opportunities to evaluate your priorities.

Mark off every day of your treatment so you can visually see the end of treatment coming closer.

When you eat meat, make sure it is cooked well done to avoid bacteria.

Make sure you eat a light, bland meal before each chemotherapy treatment. You should not have an empty stomach.

Wash and clean all veggies and fruits thoroughly. You may need to avoid fresh fruit and vegetables at certain times during treatment. Ask your doctor or nurse.

While going through your first cycle of chemo, keep a diary of side effects and how you feel in general. It will help you plan when to do things that require more energy after future treatments.

Stool softeners prevent and treat constipation.

Find a chemo buddy who is close to your age and going through similar treatment. They will understand when you are afraid.