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Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer

Updated February 12, 2015

Breast Cancer Moms

A comprehensive resource to meet the parenting needs of mothers with breast cancer. Contains content from current research on parenting, as well as interviews with breast cancer moms and their friends, family, and children.

Bright Pink

Bright Pink is a unique resource providing support to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

Cooper University Hospital | Cancer and Pregnancy

Information for pregnant women who find out they have cancer from Cooper University Hospital, a provider of comprehensive health services, medical education and clinical research in Southern New Jersey and the Delaware Valley.

Facing Cancer Together

Thrive Together, Inc. merged with Facing Cancer Together in 2012 to offer enhanced quality, support, services and education to young women in the greater Boston area who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fertility Authority

A web portal dedicated to fertility. Includes content written by healthcare writers and journalists and vetted by reproductive endocrinologists; an interactive community of bloggers, columnists and message boards; a growing video library of patient testimonials; breaking fertility news; and a database connecting you to fertility specialists.

Hope for Two: The Pregnant with Cancer Network

Connects women who are pregnant and newly diagnosed with other women who have gone through similar experiences.

I'm Too Young For This!

A resource portal for young adults with cancer.

Livestrong Fertility

This program from Livestrong offers educational information and access to resources that support people with cancer and people with a history of cancer whose disease and its treatment present risks to their fertility.

Managing Survivor Uncertainty

Managing Survivor Uncertainty is designed to help you recognize uncertainty in all the different forms it takes for young breast cancer survivors. Learn how to manage different kinds of uncertainties, including those related to the fear of recurrence, long-term side effects of breast cancer and breast cancer treatment, and worries that limit your view of the future. 

Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program

The Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program is a unique parenting program developed at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center to address the common challenges and needs of parents with cancer.

The Planet Cancer website provides a unique voice for young adults who have been affected by cancer: fresh and irreverent, but always honest. The site offers information, connections, entertainment and support. The heart of the site is the Forum, a thriving online community where users find and communicate with other young adults around the world about what's on their minds – from death or fertility issues to dumb things people say.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

The mission of RESOLVE is to provide timely, compassionate support and information to people who are experiencing infertility and to increase awareness of infertility issues through public education and advocacy.


Sharsheret provides culturally sensitive support to young Jewish women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer as well as to those facing the risk of developing breast cancer, and offers related resources for Jewish communities and healthcare organizations.

The OncoFertility Consortium

A patient education resource provided by the Oncofertility Consortium, a national, interdisciplinary initiative designed to explore the reproductive future of cancer patients who have completed active treatment.

The SAMFund

The SAMFund is a unique nonprofit organization created to assist young adults affected by cancer with a successful transition into their post-treatment life by providing financial support through the distribution of grants and scholarships.

Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Ulman Fund provides support programs, education and resources free of charge to benefit young adults, families and friends affected by cancer and to promote awareness and prevention of cancer.

Young Survival Coalition

The Young Survival Coalition is the only international, nonprofit network of patients affected by breast cancer and their supporters dedicated to the concerns and issues that are unique to young women and breast cancer.