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Nicole Katze, MA, Editor and Manager, Content Development

Nicole oversees LBBC’s print publications. She conceptualizes and selects content, assigns writers and serves as editor of LBBC's guides to understanding breast cancer and national newsletter, Insight. She provides editorial oversight of the content for conference brochures and educational collateral materials and oversees content for the “Breast Cancer News” and “Clinical Trials & Research Studies” sections of 

Nicole received her bachelor’s degree in English from Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH, and her master’s degree in writing studies from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Prior to joining the staff at LBBC, Nicole worked as a staff writer for the office of university communications at Saint Joseph’s, where she wrote content for the school’s print and web publications as well as public relations and media materials. Deeply committed to education, Nicole has also served as a professional writing assistant for the Writing Center at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, where she and her colleagues worked to establish and staff the new Center, and as a summer residential tutor-counselor for Upward Bound, a college-preparatory program for secondary students, part of the U.S. Department of Education’s TRIO program. Nicole has served in a variety of writing and editorial capacities for publications such as Wittenberg University’s student newspaper, The Torch, Wittenberg’s academic journal, Spectrum and Saint Joseph’s graduate literary magazine, The Avenue.