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Financial Concerns

There are many things to think about after a breast cancer diagnosis, and one of the most daunting can be financial planning. Costs associated with breast cancer can be a burden and a source of additional stress and anxiety, especially if you’ve never had to navigate your health insurance plan before. Or maybe your health insurance coverage isn't enough, and you’re faced with finding ways to pay your medical bills on your own.

In this section, get the information you need to answer financial questions that may come up during and after your treatment, and learn about ways to pay for your medical bills by planning ahead and knowing what resources are available.

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Understanding Private, State and Federal Insurance

Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

Navigating Your Health Insurance

Getting Organized for Health Insurance

Dealing with a Claim Denial

Federal, State and Other Alternative Medical Programs

Offsetting the “Hidden Costs” of Breast Cancer

Work Accommodations and Applying for Disability 

Financial Planning

Glossary: Key Terms to Know about Health Insurance