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Planning for the Future

Updated December 17, 2014

Breast cancer treatment affects many areas of your life, both physically and emotionally. Whatever your normal daily life, you may need or want to take a break, cut back or change your responsibilities. The costs of treatment may impact your financial outlook.

Breast cancer forces its way into the most private parts of our lives, our relationships with our lovers, our parents, our friends, our colleagues and ourselves. You may find it changes the way you experience sexual intimacy and communicate with your partner. It could impact the way you feel about your body image and your femininity. You may look at your friends and family differently now.

These life changes start with your diagnosis, but they do not always end with your last treatment. People who have not had cancer may not understand this. Some people expect your life to go “back to normal” or return to the way it was before your diagnosis. That will be the case for some women. But for many others, breast cancer changes their outlook and perspective in many different ways.

Recovery after active treatment ends can take six or more months, so this is another time you may need to be patient. Remember to call our Helpline at (888) 753-LBBC (5222) to talk with someone about your concerns.

In the upcoming days, weeks, months and years, you probably want to make sure you’re taking all the steps you need to get the best post-treatment care. In this section, read about fear of recurrence and  survivorship care plans to help sort through your feelings and find out how you can take charge of your life after treatment.

Read more about planning for the future and the providers who helped us write this page in our Guide for the Newly Diagnosed.