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Breast Cancer Basics

If you recently heard the words, “You have breast cancer,” you probably are experiencing a range of emotions, including shock, fear, stress, anger or numbness. You may be overwhelmed by all of the medical terms you are hearing. In addition to worrying about your test results, you’re probably anticipating treatments and wondering where you will find support during this difficult time.

In this section, you’ll get accurate, easy-to-understand information about breast cancer. Learn more about your diagnosis, possible tests you may have and what the results of those tests could mean. Understand ways to communicate effectively with your medical team; treatments you may have including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal and targeted therapy and complementary methods; how to find clinical trials; getting emotional support; and more. We also offer answers to frequently asked questions about breast cancer.

What Is Breast Cancer? 

Who Gets Breast Cancer? 

Facing Your Diagnosis 


Understanding Your Pathology Report 

Your Medical Team 


Finding Help and Support 

FAQs About Breast Cancer