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Breast Cancer News

In this section, access cutting-edge breast cancer news on treatment updates, emerging therapies, study results and other medical and quality-of-life issues important to you.

Researchers Find Age-specific Breast Cancer Incidences Vary by Race

June 13, 2013

A study suggests age-specific incidences of breast cancer subtypes vary by race, showing that the differences by race occur only when tumor subtypes are grouped together. 

U.S. top court OKs patenting of synthetic DNA

June 13, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a first of its kind ruling on human genes, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday decided that synthetically produced genetic material can be patented but naturally occurring DNA extracted from the human body cannot.

Longer tamoxifen use cuts breast cancer recurrence

June 3, 2013

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Breast cancer is less likely to recur if women previously treated for the disease take the drug tamoxifen for 10 years, instead of the recommended five years, according to a British study.

Strong genetic links for blacks with breast cancer

June 3, 2013

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Researchers have been working for years to determine whether genetic glitches are driving high rates of especially deadly breast cancer in black women in the United States.

Young Women Experience Sexual Problems After Breast Cancer

May 31, 2013

Sexual difficulties are common among young women during and after breast cancer treatment, according to a Dutch study. 

UK tries new model for cancer gene testing

May 20, 2013

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain launched a research program on Monday that should eventually allow all cancer patients to have access to the kind of genetic analysis that led Hollywood star Angelina Jolie to decide to undergo a double mastectomy.

New cancer tools allow patients to reconsider chemo

May 16, 2013

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - After decades of using one-size-fits-all therapies to combat cancer, doctors are using new tools to help decide when their patients can skip chemotherapy or other harsh treatments.

Jolie example of careful weighing of risks: MDs

May 15, 2013

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Angelina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer may have stunned fans of the Oscar-winning actress, but doctors say her choice is shared by many other women with a high genetic risk for breast cancer.

Ovarian cancer fall sped up as hormone use dropped

May 15, 2013

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Ovarian cancer rates in the U.S. began to decline faster in 2002 around the time many older women went off hormone replacement therapy, according to a new study.

Creative arts may ease cancer-related anxiety, pain

May 15, 2013

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Music, art and dance therapy may relieve anxiety and similar symptoms among people with cancer, according to a new analysis of past studies.

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