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Breast Cancer News

In this section, access cutting-edge breast cancer news on treatment updates, emerging therapies, study results and other medical and quality-of-life issues important to you.

Collards and carrots may ward off breast cancer

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Eating lots of carrots and cruciferous vegetables -- collard greens, cabbage, broccoli -- could reduce breast cancer risk, particularly an aggressive form common among African American women, suggests a large new study.

More support for soy after breast cancer

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - More evidence suggests eating soy may pose a slight benefit to some women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, but it's too early to recommend cancer survivors change their diets, some experts say.

Hormone therapy raises breast cancer deaths -study

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Women who took hormone replacement pills had more advanced breast cancers and were more likely to die from them than women who took a dummy pill, raising new concerns about the commonly prescribed drugs, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

Erbitux may help fight breast cancer, claims study

MILAN (Reuters) - An established targeted therapy for bowel cancer may also help women with an aggressive form of breast cancer, a mid-stage clinical study revealed on Monday, opening up a potential new market for the medicine.

Alcohol may influence breast cancer recurrence

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Among women who survive early-stage breast cancer, some who make a habit of having a few drinks per week could face a greater risk of a recurrence than survivors who abstain, a new study suggests.

Mammograms saved lives of women under 50: study

WASHINGTON, Sept 29 (Reuters) - In a study likely to add to the debate over when and how often to screen for breast cancer, Swedish researchers said on Wednesday that women aged 40-49 who got regular mammograms were 29 percent less likely to die of the disease.

EU agency reviews Roche's Avastin in breast cancer

ZURICH (Reuters) - European healthcare regulators are reviewing the benefits of Roche's top-selling Avastin drug in breast cancer in the light of fresh clinical data, casting more uncertainty over its prospects.

Breast cancer rates fell with hormone therapy drop

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Breast cancer rates among postmenopausal women in Canada dropped nearly 10 percent after news of a big study in 2002 that found taking hormone replacement therapy could increase breast cancer risk, researchers said on Thursday.

Norwegian research questions benefit of mammograms

BOSTON (Reuters) - Routine breast screening with mammograms is less effective at preventing cancer deaths than expected, Norwegian researchers said on Wednesday in a study that reignites a fierce debate over the value of screening.

Gene studies zero in on breast, ovarian cancer risk

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have found a region of DNA that can increase or decrease the high chance of breast cancer linked to a particular gene variant - a finding that could help doctors keep a closer eye on women most at risk.

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