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Where Can I Find the Right Clinical Trial for Me?

Updated December 17, 2014

Before searching for trials, it’s helpful to get your pathology report and test results to know if you fit the medical criteria for each study.

You can view our page on featured clinical trials and use our Clinical Trials Resource Center as tools to help you find the right clinical trial for you. When you find trials that seem right, bring the details (including study number and sponsor) to your doctor or healthcare provider to talk about which ones you might consider.

Websites may list many of the same trials, but differ by how specifically you can search. Here are ten good ways to find clinical trials that are right for you.

1. Ask your healthcare provider about clinical trials when first discussing your breast cancer treatment options.

2. Request a second opinion from a doctor who conducts research studies.

3. Know your diagnosis, stage and treatment history and search or call (877) 601-8601.

4. Check the National Cancer Institute database at or call (800) 422-6237.

5. Search TrialCheck listings from the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups at or call (877) 227-8451.

6. searches by medical details.

7. CenterWatch has trials sponsored by industry and government.

8. Get help finding studies at or call (877) 633-4376.

9. Contact us or other breast cancer groups for guidance about finding clinical trials.

10. Talk with other women who participated in breast cancer treatment trials at our Breast Cancer Helpline.

Learn more about clinical trials in our section, Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know.