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Guide to Understanding Complementary Therapies

1st Ed., 2014

Written By Nicole Katze, MA, Editor and Manager, Content Development
Reviewed By Donald Abrams, MD, Michael J. Baime, MD, Sharon Bray, EdD, Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, Debra DeMille, MS, RD, CSO, Michael Richardson, MT-BC & Steven Rosenzweig, MD

Complementary therapies are nonmedical approaches to care that many women with breast cancer consider using during and after treatment. Some studies show that integrating these therapies into your treatment plan may help alleviate some physical and emotional side effects.

This guide will help you understand the differences between complementary therapies and alternative medicine; learn about integrative medicine programs; and gain useful knowledge about some of the most common complementary therapies available. Sections in the guide discuss acupuncture, meditation, tai chi and reiki, among others.

Learn what symptoms and side effects each therapy may help ease and the level of scientific evidence available for each practice. Get practical advice about where you can access them, what to look for in a trained professional, and where to find other resources for trusted information.

The guide was written with guidance from a team of healthcare professionals, complementary practitioners and women affected by breast cancer.

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