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Guide to Understanding Treatment Decisions

Tools to choose surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and targeted therapies

3rd Ed., 2014

Written By Kristine Conner & Janine E. Guglielmino, MA, Senior Director, Programs and Partnerships
Reviewed By Ryan Bisson, MS, CGC, Silvia C. Formenti, MD, William J. Gradishar, MD, FACP, Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, BCD, OSW-C, Lisa Jablon, MD & Kanu P. Sharan, MD

Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Guide to Understanding Treatment Decisions helps you make sense of screening tests, diagnostic tests, pathology tests and genomic tests. Find out how you and your doctor use results from these tests to create an individualized plan for your care. Using clear, straightforward language, this brochure will help you learn about:

  • Recent changes in breast cancer treatment
  • The role of personalized medicine
  • Pathology tests for tumor grade, lymph node status, surgical margins and more
  • Hormone receptor and HER2 receptor status
  • Genomic tests like Oncotype DX and MammaPrint

Once you understand your test results, use this guide to explore your treatment options. This brochure will help you talk with your doctor about:

The guide was written with guidance from a team of healthcare professionals, advocates and women like you.

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