Cynthia Connelly

Woodbine, Georgia

Cynthia Connelly lives along the southeast Georgia coast. She and her mother were diagnosed 3 months apart in 2004. Unfortunately, her mother had inflammatory breast cancer and passed away one month after Cynthia’s double mastectomy. It was a very difficult time in her life.

Cynthia is passionate about educating people newly diagnosed with all of the resources available to them; before, during and after treatment and surgery.  She believes each decision is a very personal choice and it is vital all options are effectively presented.

She says, “As we all know, being diagnosed with breast cancer doesn't come with an instruction book to lead us along our journey.  We learn by experience and with guidance from our family, medical teams, and fellow survivor sisters. It’s a life-changing event and our vision is changed evermore.  We appreciate every day, every breath, sunshine and fresh air in our face.

We never take life for granted because, after all, we are living beyond breast cancer....together.”