Ruth Jackson

Arlington, Texas

Ruth Jackson has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice.  In 2008 she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and 2 years later was diagnosed with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in the other breast.  During her second diagnosis she was tested and found positive for the BRAC2 gene mutation.

Ruth says, “I am truly a blessed woman and highly favored by God.  He has spared my life twice and I know my reason for being here is to teach and help others as they are faced with cancer, going through treatment and living beyond cancer. I am honored to serve in LBBC’s Community Connector Program.  I pledge to support this program with all my heart, energy and love in educating communities—especially minority populations—to understand and not be afraid of breast cancer but to also protect themselves with mammograms for early detection, treatments when cancer is detected, and to learn how to live a new life after cancer.  I appreciate LBBC for allowing me the opportunity to pay-it-forward.”