Kirstie Kimball

Manager, Corporate Relations

Kirstie’s passion for corporate philanthropy drove her from start-up management to non-profit development. Born and raised in Minnesota, Kirstie moved to Philadelphia after she graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and two minors: Gender Studies and Public Health. Before joining Living Beyond Breast Cancer, she served in multiple different development roles at the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance where she fell in love with cultivating corporate relationships. As Manager of Corporate Relations, Kirstie builds mutually beneficial partnerships between corporations and Living Beyond Breast Cancer to increase the reach of the organization. Prior to working in the non-profit sector, she directed corporate philanthropic funds for multiple businesses and believes that investing in communities is the greatest joy of corporate success.

When not working, Kirstie can be found reading the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on her balcony with her two dogs, writing, attending plays with her partner, and cooking vegan food. In addition to her work at LBBC, Kirstie serves on national legislative advocacy committees for ovarian cancer research and reproductive health access.

What inspires my work at LBBC:

As a carrier of the BRCA mutation, Kirstie is passionate about providing support and education to people living with breast cancer. She believes in a world where no one has to feel alone after diagnosis and is driven to help shape that world through her work at LBBC.

Quote to live by:

Name one living thing that doesn't 
somehow bloom. 

- Catie Rosemurgy, Love, with Trees and Lightning