Hear My Voice volunteer Felicia Johnson says "Would I whither under the power and pressure of cancer’s silence? The answer was emphatically 'no.' I refused to shrink away. The silence had to be broken. I was determined to use my voice to reach other women." Read More

Blog Stories February 13, 2017

Looking to develop healthy eating habits and manage your weight? Dr. Ro shares her 7 strategies to help achieve your healthy eating goals.  Read More

We have all heard it. The well-meaning advice, especially right after our initial breast cancer diagnosis. Read More

Blog Stories January 17, 2017

Anna Crollman shares how her relationship with food changed after her breast cancer diagnosis. Anna will be one of our guest panelists on our Twitter Chat: Making Healthy Eating Doable on Jan 18. Join us for tips and motivation.  Read More

Blog Stories January 10, 2017

“Very bizarre” is not a phrase you want to read in your pathology report after a mastectomy. But that’s what Alysia Pringle, of St. Petersburg, Florida, saw written about tumor cells removed during her surgery. Read More

Blog Stories December 19, 2016

After finishing treatment for stage II breast cancer, Vonn Jensen, who lives part-time in Portland, Oregon, and part-time in Seattle, Washington, planned on writing academic papers about gender and the cancer experience. Read More

Healtheo360’s David Duplay shares his insight and tips on caregiving. Read More

AnnMarie Otis was diagnosed with breast cancer and by her side she found her “sister”.  Read More

Blog Stories November 28, 2016

In this Q&A for National Family Caregiver’s Month, Gary Bartnicki shares his experience coping with the metastatic diagnosis of his wife, Lynn, and his approach to caregiving.    Read More