AnnMarie Otis was diagnosed with breast cancer and by her side she found her “sister”. 

When you go through any illness like cancer there are friends that bring you casseroles and dinners, which are amazingly delicious. Some bring your kids to soccer and let your dogs out when you're at... Read More

Blog Stories November 28, 2016

In this Q&A for National Family Caregiver’s Month, Gary Bartnicki shares his experience caregiving for his wife, Lynn, who is living with metastatic breast cancer.


Lynn Bartnicki, 66, thought she was cancer-free. In March 2013, 19 years after her diagnosis with early-stage b... Read More

Dwight McKee answers questions about integrative cancer care in this Q&A. Sign up for our event Treating the Whole You: Integrative Care and Breast Cancer to hear Dr. McKee share additional info and tips.

Breast cancer and its treatments can dramatically impa... Read More

Kelli Parker shares her story about gaining renewed hope after becoming an advocate and helping others navigate a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. 

How do you condense 7 years into 500 words? How can I transport you from the dizzying highs of cancer “conqueror” by 26 to two-time “warr... Read More

In 2014, Kristina Schermer had been in treatment for an eating disorder and was feeling good about the progress she had made.

Then 26, she decided to have BRCA testing because her mother has a BRCA2 gene mutation, which raises a person’s risk of breast cancer and several other cancers. K... Read More

According to the National Cancer Institute, breast cancer in men is often diagnosed at later stages. LBBC’s digital media specialist Josh Fernandez interviewed Hear My Voice Volunteer Carl (Mac) Holmes and his wife, advocate Robin Holmes, to talk about their experience with diagnosis, raising a... Read More

Denise Portner is a breast cancer survivor, a two-term board member of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and senior vice president at SteegeThomson Communications in Philadelphia. In this contribution to Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s 25th Anniversary Blog Series, Denise d... Read More

Blog Stories August 30, 2016

Trip (Katherine) Griffith is a participant of Writing the Journey, an online writing workshop for women affected by breast cancer led by experienced facilitator, author, poetry therapist and breast cancer survivor, Alysa Cummings.The poem below was wr... Read More

Blog Stories August 18, 2016

America's Nutrition Coach Dr. Ro shares tips to help you live healthful after a breast cancer diagnosis. Hear her speak at the 2016 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference: Individual Treatments, Shared Experiences. ... Read More

Blog Stories August 17, 2016

Written By Robin Warshaw, Contributing Writer

Although she was a nurse, Catalina Tamayo admits she didn’t really understand what it meant when she was diagnosed with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer at age 31. So she’s not surprised that some of her co-workers don’t understand eith... Read More