Spiritual Revolution Yoga Mats

Spiritual Revolution LogoSpiritual Revolution is a company of artists desiring to bring inspiration to their fellow practitioners. Their vision is simple: put amazing, one-of-a-kind, gallery-quality artwork on eco-friendly yoga mats. They look just as good hanging on your living room wall as they do under your feet in Warrior III. Awaken to the Revolution and live your yoga days filled with artistic inspiration!
Spiritual Revolution yoga mats are free of PVC and phalates. The company uses water-based inks and a 100% biodegradable, recylable, eco-friendly, natural tree rubber base, bonded to an ultra-absorbent suede cloth top made from recycled water bottles. Any plastic used by Spiritual Revolution is 100% biodegradable. The mats are fully machine washable and come with an embroidered carrying strap. Adult mats are 68" long x 24" wide x 4 mm thick. The goal at Spiritual Revolution is this: take care of yourself, respect the environment and look good while you do it.
Enter the code "LBBC" at checkout and Spiritual Revolution will donate 10% of sales to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

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