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Anika Morley Price

Program Coordinator


  • Has worked at LBBC since 2019
  • Speaks Spanish and used Spanish during an evaluation internship in Ecuador
  • Despite being from Utah, Anika has never been skiing (she's always cold!)

Prior to joining LBBC, Anika worked as a volunteer and outreach coordinator for the English Skills Learning Center where she organized events, developed and implemented volunteer programs, and worked with a diverse constituency to breakdown language and cultural barriers.

Anika enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring the new sites that the East Coast has to offer, and spending time with her husband, Evan, and Noodle, her standard poodle.


The most inspiring part of my work at LBBC is seeing individuals find hope and support each other through a life-changing diagnosis. The opportunity to be a part of this great work and interact with the amazing people we serve is what motivates my work every day.

Anika Price