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Catherine Ormerod MSS, MLSP

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Mission

Headshot of Cathy Ormerod, EVP of LBBC


  • Has worked at LBBC since 2013
  • Breast cancer has touched the lives of many of Cathy's family and friends. She's dedicated to elevating the voices of people with breast cancer, as it will be their involvement that will humanize and improve care for all.
  • Is a lifelong bookworm — don't get in between Cathy and her second-Tuesday-of-the-month book club; fiction primarily, please.

Cathy employs each to fuel the LBBC staff and board to create programs that provide practical information, comfort, and insight into how to make sense of a disease that profoundly alters people’s lives and sense of self. She raises dollars, helps develop new programs, and brokers partnerships with people and organizations that expand LBBC’s expertise. Primarily, she promotes LBBC’s services to anyone who will listen.

Cathy believes in LBBC’s mission and the hardworking, smart, compassionate staff, board, and volunteers who put that mission into action every day. LBBC’s Leadership Volunteers carry this mission into their communities, whether online or in-person, these volunteers are found in communities across the country advocating for better — for better treatments, wider diversity in clinical trials, more leadership opportunities in health organizations, health equity, access to treatments, fiscal sanity when it comes to cancer costs, and for mental health services.

Prior to joining LBBC, Cathy served as the director of national programs and relationships of VISION 2020, a national program of the Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership at Drexel University’s College of Medicine. She was also the founding director of the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute at Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, which provided executive education to build skills of nonprofit leaders while providing them with a network of their peers.


I'm inspired by the women and men whose lives have been challenged by their cancer diagnosis. Every person reacts differently to this diagnosis. Working for LBBC means that people openly share their lives with me at a time of great vulnerability. Sometimes people are joyful and hopeful, sometimes they are grieving and angry. Sometimes they are heroic and other times they are not. As we say at LBBC, there is no one way to have breast cancer. We are here to support you and help you find your way.

Catherine L. Ormerod